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The Assyrian Prophecy

How did you become aware of this prophecy?

How did you come to meet Assyrians.

What is the difference between the Syrians and the Assyrians?

What is the condition of the Assyrian nation today?

What drove you to research and write The Assyrian Prophecy?

Why should Christians in North America care about this prophecy? How does it affect us?

You are an evangelist committed to the Great Commission. How does helping the Assyrians fit into your calling in life?

You write in your book about Assyria going from empire building to kingdom building. What made the difference?

What world famous Bible character was Assyrian.

Is there evidence that the wise men were Assyrians?

The prophecy states that Assyria, Egypt and Israel will become united by a highway, worship together and bless the world. Is there any evidence of this beginning to happen?

How were they betrayed and by whom after WWI?

What makes you think the prophecy should be fulfilled now?